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Versatile Design


Our Engineering Center is a complete, professional solution for your product development needs.

We specialize in reducing project development times to meet your critical deadlines.

We typically take designs from initial concept and specifications through small volume manufacturing.

Services Provided:

FPGA Design

– System analysis and partitioning with considerations to allocating functions to a physical FPGA implementation.

– Incorporation of FPGAs into a hardware design.

– Developing FPGA code, including code simulations.

– Hardware integration of the FPGA code.


We can also implement FPGA code based algorithms provided by customers.


Our previous FPGA experience is extensive:

. Interfacing an 8-bit 1.2 GHz ADC directly to a Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA.

. Implementation of FPDP ports operating at 200 MBytes/sec.

. Interfacing multiple 14-bit ADC (operating at 100 MHz) and DAC

(operating at 200 MHz) devices to a single Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA.

. Implementation of 1 Gbps Ethernet interfaces using the

Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA.

. Development of PCI Target core in VHDL.

Feasibility study

Systems analysis and requirement specification

System design

Detailed hardware design

– High-speed digital designs using CMOS, TTL, and ECL technologies

– Analog designs

– Designs based on PLDs, FPGAs (HDL design entry, simulation)

– State-machine designs

– 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microprocessor-based designs

– ADSP-2106x SHARC Digital Signal Processor based designs – Industry standard interfaces, e.g. VMEbus, ISAbus, Fibre Channel,

-FrontPanelDataPort(FPDP), Ethernet 10/100Mbps

Schematic capture

Detailed software design-

– High-level languages, e.g. ANSI C

– Assembly language for most popular

– Microprocessors and microcontrollers

Real-time software

Windows GUI

Proto-type debug, program coding

Systems integration

Complete project management


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