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Fast EMS

PCB Assembly Services

Rapid turnaround for low volume, advanced technology, domesticEMS

Advanced Testing: AOI, 5DX and Flying Probe in house

Turnkey Assembly

Design For Assembly: DFA services to verify BOM, layout, and programming for on time


More PCB Assembly Services

PCB Assembly Capabilities

DFA for assembly (verifies BOM-layout-programming ) and DFM for PCB fabrication

Fast turnaround specialists- 1 week standardEMSlead time, we quote in days-not weeks

Ultra fine pitch SMD- 0201

Box build for any requirements

2,000 ball BGA, 0.4mm pitch BGA

Water clean or no clean technology

RoHS compliant processing

More PCB Assembly Services


PCB Assembly Support Services

PCB DESIGN LAYOUT by award winning designers

PCB ENGINEERING for project development (Simple to complex-high speed systems)

FPGA Design (Xilinx Xperts, Altera)

Industrial Design (PCB Enclosures, Chassis Design, Cooling-Bulk and FEM)

Mechanical Engineering and Development for enclosures

Functional Test

EMI / RF Testing: Testing services to world wide compliance specifications

PCB Support Services


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